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Mapping innovative learning with immersive VR/AR technologies

(Dr CHAN, Kai-yue Jason MH JP)

When educators meet the metaverse: an overview and challenges

(Dr Lik-hang LI)

How did English teachers develop their corpus-based language pedagogy: a case study

(Dr MA Qing)

Providing Research Experience to Undergraduate Students in the Latest Technological Environment for Professional Development

(Dr Edmond LAM and Dr Anand VYAS)

Keynote Speech 1: Transforming pedagogical practice with learning analytics

(Prof. Dragan GASEVIC)

Keynote Speech 2: Can Virtual Learning Communities Build Identity for Isolated Instructors?

(Prof. Milton D. COX)

Supporting institutional adoption of Learning Analytics in Higher Education

(Prof. Abelardo PARDO)

Supporting teachers to utilise learning analytics in their teaching

(Mr Dick CHAN and Ms Ada TSE)

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